Ralph's Transcribed Illustrated Journal

I found it very handy to carry a small, spiral bound journal with hard covers, to jot down observations and small sketches. Here I've transcribed my text for easier reading, and scanned in sketches as they occurred.

I've also inserted links to the photographs that match the log entries (the same photos are also indexed in the slides area). Edits during transcription are indicated by surrounding []'s.

I've included thumbnail photographs that you can clock on to link to those shots that are related to the journal text.

The times are all Eastern Daylight Time, same time zone as where I'm from (Boston area). Successive entries for a single day only mark the time. Times are are in 24 hour military format.

The pages are each linked together to support casual reading. Later I'll come up with a kind of index so you can jump to specific points on the trip.

Note, I've only just started transcribing the 80 pages.

P.S.: This little "Dappled Cork Book" is manufactured by Michael Roger Press, Inc.. It fit perfectly in a little "adventure bag" I carried, slung over my shoulder. The pages turned without binding, and the very stiff covers made writing and sketching very confortable. The book is also quite rugged, and the masculine-style cover suited my tastes perfectly.